Found in The Code – sqlite

** 2008 May 26
** The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of
** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
**    May you do good and not evil.
**    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
**    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
** This header file is used by programs that want to link against the
** RTREE library.  All it does is declare the sqlite3RtreeInit() interface.
#include “sqlite3.h”
sqlite – rtree.h

Naming Convention aka PHP vs Python

That was to be called naming convention. That obviously is better to have any than none. As I was writing, I noticed that the title doesn’t reflect what I wrote. All turned out to be not about convention but about comparing PHP to Python, but personally none of the languages is my favorite.

After reading the whole post, I realized that Python is not better than PHP, it is messed the same way, so why bother changing from PHP to Python?

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