What MySQL Execution Plan Depends On

Well, the execution plan is the way that a database executes query, it usually depends on many things like the presence of indices, data stored in table, amount of the returned data and so on. I’ve already found that on MySQL it depends on something more, on the kind of storage engine being used. More you can find here: http://code.openark.org/blog/mysql/two-storage-engines-different-plans-part-i

Open Office Diff Utility?

While I was starting writing a book I realised that well, you really cannot publish a normal book (not mathematical one) written in (La)TeX. Almost all publishers want to get a book in the super MS Word format (also known as super.doc). So the only option was to use OpenOffice (I don’t use Windows, I don’t have Word, I don’t want to use Office, especially the Office 2007 with it’s new super interface).

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