Namespaces in PHP

Hooooooray, there are (will be) namespaces in the best language: PHP. Namespaces are for example in C++, the namespace delimiter is ::. Cool. What do they proposed in the greates language of all? Well, I thought it was a silly joke… but it is not, yea run away:

As such we have decided to go with


as the new namespace separator instead of the current


Problem with CV and TeX

Well, I like TeX. I really like TeX. Especially LaTeX, nevermind. I use this to write some documents, in the last week I rewrote my CV to look a little bit nicer. I used Kile and LaTeX and converted that to pdf. And I’ve got a nice CV and some letters to some companies written in LaTeX. I’ve got them in some strange(?) formats like dvi or pdf. I thought that there won’t be any problem with that.

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